Do not ask why, but why not nudity?

The semi-nude pic on Facebook – and the fully nude here on the slider, and on my blog, is made in solidarity with a Danish photographer and artist who had her nude-pics of ordinary women banned from an exhibition, on the streets of Copenhagen.


The Danish police forbid her pictures, and it makes me so angry that an open society stops its artists from expressing themselves. It reminds me of the country I was born in.

In Iran both artists and women are more or less forbidden, they face great problems everyday, just being who they are. In Denmark we have a great tradition of nudity in commercials, movies, or on the news, and in art. We also have nude statues in the middle of Copenhagen – in museums – and other public places, so what is the problem, who made it a problem and why?

We were all born naked! Nudity is not criminal, its beautiful. You can also see my uncensored pic on my blog.